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not a big fan of when the whole band plays the same thing. if you had some harmony or something it might be better but right now its pretty lame. thats what i think.

edit: now that ive torn apart your song, crit mine?
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I like the piano part of Dreamcatcher. The rest of the stuff is just so simple it's boring, especially the drums.
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I don't like the way all the instruments cut out for the bass in the verse of the maiden, it feels too abrupt. And like §tratôcaster, I think that these could be a lot better with some harmonies or melodies. You are using a lot of instruments, so have fun with them and be creative. I was glad to see you guys mixing it up towards the end of the maiden, which i thought the better of the two songs. The songs aren't bad, they're just missing something. Keep it up though.