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hi, im just a new user, (but a guitar player since 1000 BC) hahahaha
and can you please tell me the DO's and DON'T's here??
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o and no racial comments and never EVER ask to be a moderator. And dont be a noob
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and dont make a post in any of the picture threads without a picture in your post.
thats one of the easier mistakes.
also, the search button is your friend.
also, probably one of the easier mistakes, dont make a seperate thread in the pit about relationships,or religion becuase they have their own stickied ONLY post.
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If u think u might get flamed for it, dont say it in the pit. because you will get flamed.

and yeah, please make sure everything is in the right forum. that makes it a lot easier.
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Try and spell words correctly. People will respect you a lot more.


I'd like to add that if you see a stupid thread, don't post in it. Plain and simple.
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Make sure you read all the stickied FAQs, Rules, etc. I've got two in my sig, you'd do well by reading them. Thirded for the spelling thing, its irritating otherwise. Don't spam, flame, make multis, etc...write in the standard font, don't try and be cool by choosing big red letters. Some people (Daemonika, Popapez) do, but they are only two people, and having the threads look like rainbows would be annoying...

Also, Don't Write Like This.

have a good time.
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Try and spell words correctly. People will respect you a lot more.

that is so true :p
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