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A while back I made the poor choice (as the mods know) of creating a multi. Problem is, I used my good email address on the account that is currently permabanned. I want to use my email ( for "Instrumetal" but it is stuck with "AvngdSvnfold".

I can't access User CP to change it through AvngdSvnfold, but I admittedly created the email simply so I could create a multi. I don't remember the password however, as I never used that email for anything, but this means that all future warnings, notices, etc, will be unaccessable for me.

So, I was wondering if a mod could help me by removing the email jordan.h.1990 from AvngdSvnfold so that I can use it on my current (and now only) account.

Thanks if you can,

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