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hey, it's been a while, but here's another death metal song. It's quite simple, yet technical in some places. It's also very short(about 3 minutes). Anyway, tell me what you guys think of it!

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^ there is bass dude.....

I love the piece its great tech/death, You have always been my favorite metal writer here
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Critting as I listen... Intro is alright... A little bit too distorted though, couldn't really understand what notes were being playing played. Still good... hm... Bar 15 seems familiar... Sounds like something from Gorod... Are bars 35-46 even playable? I mean they're awesome but that's insane. The solo was awesome, but there should be some slow melodic death parts to it... Like not just insane shredding. Rest was awesome, loved the end. You are probably the best metal writer on here, just like StolenIdentity1 said.
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Yet another good metal peice. You never fail to amaze me with your death metal writing abilities. But, RedDeath was right. Try making the solo a little more melodic and a little less shred.
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Quote by Stolenidentity1
^ there is bass dude.....

I love the piece its great tech/death, You have always been my favorite metal writer here

My mistake, I could only listen to the MIDI

I assumed it was two guitars
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Loving it, intro is awesome, would be even better with drums

tremolo thing was weird, but it worked well

cool solo, re-entry was pretty good

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It was good but I liked your other songs better.

But it was still good stuff non the less.