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ok so im not sure if this is in the right section cause i havnt been here in 1000000000 years...

but if i have really bad stage fright should i continue to persue playing the guitar? I mean like ive been playing guitar for 2 years and when my music instructor at my school made me play simple "jingle bells" i froze up and couldnt play a note.

I mean i could play at home as a hobby, but ive always wanted to play in some sort of ensemble.

is there any way to get over it?
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Here's the thing, my opinion is the only way to get rid of stage fright is to be on stage more. Get on stage whenever you can weather it's playing guitar or speaking.
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start slowly: ur parents, ur BEST friends, soem relatives, small gatherings and keep going up. make sure you do it voluntarily tho and dont force urself into a situation. be comfortable and do it because you want to, but hav enough drive to conquer unreasonable nervousness
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definitely don't quit. try easing yourself into it. play for a friend/sibling, then a couple of friends, then those friends and your mum and dad, then a few more etc to get comfortable with it. it's like public speaking, it's nerve-racking at first and you stumble over your words but once you get used to it, it's not so bad.

there are a few threads on this topic which may or may not have useful advice:

but yeah, the newb forum isn't for guitar-related questions.

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