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This is actually an attempt at a mix of 3 songs that I made. I've gone through it and i'm satisfied with it. I just want some other peoples input on it to give me some new ideas.

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I like it a lot. Not really my style, but still great. Loved the 1:30 mark. Just felt so good. The 2:11 mark chord is way too loud. Hm, I like the part right after it. One part sounds like Mario jumping. Again, not really my style, but it was great, 8.5/10.
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That was genuinely enjoyable to listen to. I gave up trying to nitpick about 10 seconds into it and just stopped to enjoy it. Tempo changes were just a tiny bit weird though, but I think my GP lagged, especially during that part where the bass does that like 2-beat solo in bar 26. But really, really good.
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Not much of a fan on the genre but i have to say i love the bass, i find myelf strangly attracted to the song like i cant stop listening to it
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I like this verry much, it sounden much like RHCP and retro games from early 90's. I hope you do more of this!
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Omggg i heard the midi and it sounds cool. But my gpro says that to open the file i have to update. Wierd, I have guitar pro 5. I really wanna see that bass line

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I'm not fan of the genre but this song got my toe tapping. Amazing work here. Really loved the bass. Only thing is, the sudden change at 1:30 came out of nowhere. Maybe add a transition? Other than that, amazing work. 9/10.

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