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Hi everyone, In the words of Sting, I am here seeking knowledge, then something about college, anyway what's up!!!!!!!!!!!
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Ooooooh boy. You REALLY didn't want to post that.
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Yea...honestly man, just leave.
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Longhair, im proud of you man. You didnt include emo. thanks.

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Warmbulance=OWNED BY LONGHAIR?!?!

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^ I like you...Thats about it...Your the best September 06'er by far

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You and Longhair were the ones I liked, but I saw more Longhair posts
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Dude, chill out. He was being an ass but, that doesn't mean you have to make an ass out of yourself.

To everyone else: Shutup, he's new. Give him some time to learn how things work.

Anyways, follow the rules, don't make stupid threads and read the FAQ. Oh and welcome to UG.
There's already a thread for saying hi, you should go there.
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Quote by aboy
come on you ****!!!!!!! answer you canadian pussy!

no need for dissing canada here.
welcome to UG, please read the rules and chill out.
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remember to use the search function before creating a thread. have fun and welcome!

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