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I am going to play at the Acoustic Cafe soon, and I was wondering what are some good songs to kinda lighten the mood. I was thinking of doing an acoustic version of "Smack My Bitch Up" or something like that.

Any thoughts?
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i remember there was video where a guy played YEA by usher, quite funny
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Don't play F--- Her Gently by Tenacious D. First off, everyone does, second off, Tenacious D isn't that funny.
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i reckon master of puppets by metallica whould be good
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Everclear - Roger Creager
Copenhagen - Robert Earl Keen
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deffinition of a wanker ^^^^^^^^^^, hmmm play some bob marly to lighten the mood, it's not comedy but everyone will know it and sing along
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Anything by Stephen Lynch.

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Touch me i'm sick by Mudhoney
Hotel Yorba - WS
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freakin at the freakers ball by dr hook
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Quote by roamingbard13
Anything by Stephen Lynch.

gah you beat me to it.

songs like If I were Gay, Priest, Special Olympics. really any of his songs.
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Dude, U should so play the Lumberjack Song from Monty Python's Flying Circus.
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pick of destiny by tenacious d.
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its old, good, but old lol
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Quote by roamingbard13
Anything by Stephen Lynch.

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Sittin' at a Bar, by Rehab. That might not be a suitable song to sing at a public place though...
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Is Craig Christ one by Steven Lynch? Think so... anyway, steven lynch is the way to go for sure.
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Pretty much anything by Beck (Loser and Pay No Mind would be good choices). Or you could look up some Flight of The Conchords.
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Lullaby by Lynch is my favorite. Acoustic rock songs with overdone screaming can be funny if you can sell it right, Linkin Park's Numb is always a good choice.

Also, Somebody Kille Me Please by Adam Sandler.
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Bitches ain't S*** - ben folds (Dr. Dre cover)

Boyz in the hood - Dynamite hack (Easy E cover, I think)
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and if you want to learn that whole "jokes with guitar" by Demetri Martin

that was awesome.
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Offspring: "worst hangover ever", "why don't you get a job?", "spare me the details"

Lemmonheads: "outdoor type"

Robyn Hitchcock: "balloon man"

They Might Be Giants: "mamal"

Barenaked Ladies: "if I had a million dollars"
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Clint Eastwood - Gorillaz.

so badass.
so chillz.

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guys... this thread should be dead. it's from two years ago.
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Acoustic version of anything by cannibal corpse... just youtube "chaser cannibal corpse" to see what i mean =]
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hit me baby one more time, travis version, goes down a storm
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You should definetly by Milkshake by Kelis or whatever her name is
Check the version out

and listen to their version, its hilarious


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angel of death - SLAYER!


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deffinition of a wanker ^^^^^^^^^^, hmmm play some bob marly to lighten the mood, it's not comedy but everyone will know it and sing along

ur gay....
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