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On the home page it says at the top, Welcome, sword666...as in sword666 is my username. shouldnt it say Welcome, Mik3_182?
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... Odd. sword666 isn't your account, is it?

EDIT - Screenshot?

This might be better in the Site Feedback.
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Do you have a friend or member of the family that uses Ultimate-Guitar? Namely with the username of sword666?
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Are you sword and your cache is pulling it up? Tsk tsk. . .
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i dont see why hed make another account, maybe its just an error in the site

i logged on one time and it said Welcome back, !!!!!
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did you move recently or set up your computer somewhere else because there might be an IP address mishap. when I was at college a couple years ago my computer logged in as Panama some or other. Just log that name out and sogn in with your name and use the automatic sign-in option.