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I've been around for a little while, and thought lets introduce myself,

Well Hi!

Im sam,
im 20 years old and got my old guitar back from the attic.
now i started to play a little, and with the help of Guitar pro do i have to say i play better now then i did 5 years ago.

i can play a little,
(im waaay to slow but ofcourse im trying to improve)

although, my old acoustic guitar is getting a little boring to be honest.
and ive been looking around for a nice electric guitar.
and i must say that reading some old topics and comment from you people help alot.

so i think that after christmas im gonna buy my first electric guitar.
(unless a miracle happens and i win alot of money i can buy it earlier :P)


i hope to learn alot here,
and be a value to this community.


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There is a thread on the top of this forum where you can introduce yourself and say hello to all members of UG.
For guitar related topics you can choose the instruments forums, the pit or the musician talk.

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Hello and welcome, there's a thread at the top of the forum for introductions
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hi sam, welcome to UG. there is a thread for introducing yourself at the top of this forum though, so you can remake this post there if you'd like.

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