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wassapnin guys,
i tried the musicians forum a few days ago but didnt get much help, so im hoping someone in here can sort me out.
for the last 4-5 weeks ive been stuck at 95 bpms at 16notes and just cant break it. i can alt pick comfortably at 110 and could probably push it more if i wanted, but i just cant get my fretting hand going. ive slowed every thing right down to 40bpms and worked on keeping my hand relaxed close to the strings, i usually play the 1234 pattern, scales and licks ive stolen from paul gilbert i usually do this for 30 mins a day but just cant break it.
I suopose the main question is is this normal, and what next do i
a) continue as im doing
b) insert your suggestion here

id also like to know how long iits taken you to get to your current speed and what your routine was .

cheers all
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stay at 95 till its comfortable, then go to 96. Play till its comfortable, then 97, 98, etc...
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prehaps your tensing, tension will only slow you down
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I'm thinking probably the technique thread.
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Quote by VaiSatchLaiho
I'm thinking probably the technique thread.

Makes two of us...

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