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am learning the solo to Cowboys from Hell by Pantera, already got the chords, but don't read regular music just tabs...

My geetar is in the key of A like the song according to Dimebag Darrells, Riffer Madness...yet the tabs here are different? How come?
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Ok you seem confused. what do you mean by ''in the key of A'' you guitar should be tuned EADGBE i believe unless its half step down. The song is probably in the key of A. And i dont know what the tab in Riffer madness is but it should be similiar to the ones here because ive learned it using tabs here and they're right. Just go with Riffer madness, im sure Dime wouldnt let ****ed up tabs go out.
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sorry i could bve wrong here but he is right bout the tuning but i bekieve the key of any note is pretty much all the notes and chords that pretty much go with that specific note or chord. like the key of e would have specific notes that go woth it it makes it sound good. like when you are playing and you hit a note that sounds not with the rest that is out of key.