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Hello first of all i wanna introduce myself. I´m Martin from Bs.As, Argentina. I a big fan of Kiss and Richie Kotzen as a guitar hero. Also i like a lot of bands from the 70´s and 80´s. I played guitar since one year and a half and i improved a lot. I only practice 3 hours every day. I own a Squier stratocaster california, a peavey rage 158 15 watt and a digitech Rp-50 multi effect pedal. Is a good stuff for a beginner-middle player. Next month i´ll buy a telecaster changing the mics with DiMarzios. I´m also inscribed in the Richie Kotzen forum. I´m Marty Mcfly there.

Well, enough. Now the important thing.

I wanna make a proyect via e-mail. I have some blues-funk-rock backing track to play and wanna add the guitar part and make a whole song. Also make new ones. I don´t have a real drum or a bass, only my guitar and my amp. So, i have to use software to make the others instruments. So, if anyone is interested in this, please write me an e-mail .

No matter where you live, what´s the color of your face, if you´re old or young, the only purpose is to play and have fun !!!!

Well, nothing more by now. I hope to be in touch with you !!!

See ya !!!
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