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ok, ive been playing guitar for like a week now, one of my friends told me to download guitar pro and another friend told me to get power tab, which one is better for a starting guitarist?

im not new to music, ive played music for about 8 years, but just by reading sheet music, i wanna read tabs cus thats how ill be learning most songs right?
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Get guitar pro, you can import powertab files into guitar pro you know!
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GuitarPro is also a much better song writing tool, however, I do like the page formatting of PowerTab better.
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i infinately prefer guitar pro. not only does it give you tab and sheet music, but you can also get a guitar screen thing about it showing exactly where to go on the guitar. also, like dardarian said, you can import powertab files into it, so go for guitar pro
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This forum isnt suitable for your question. It would be better if you took it in the tabs and chords forum or the musician talk forum. You might get more answers there.

Cheers friend !
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this forum isn't for guitar related questions

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