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I thought of this riff in physics today. I was just kinda making riffs up in my head and I came up wioth the intro riff to this song. I tried tabbing it without a guitar since I was in class, and when I came home I tried playing the tab and it sounded good! Tweaked it a bit, added more riffs, leads etc...this is the product. Hope you like it

Btw, I half tabbed the solo, I hate tabbing solos and mid way through this one I just stopped.
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Wow, nice job. I thought the bass was great in this song. I just wish you would've tabbed the whole solo though... it was sounding good!
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Hmm, most of it made me think of old In Flames... (Colony era...) It was freaking awesome.

I like most of it, but some parts are a bit repetitive.
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the transition to the acoustic part is very odd, the way it just jumps in, apart from that its very good! would liked to have heard more of the solo, but it is a pain tabbing them out
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I mean. great job, it´s cool. And likje the other ones said, I would like to hear the whole solo
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Dude that rocked! Loved every second of it! But just like everyone else i would really love to hear the whole solo .

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