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I just thought I'd say heyyyyy

I've played Piano for a few years, but thought I'd try something new, so I bought a Yamaha Pacifica

and a book called KISS Guide to play guitar.

I'm loving it so far

Just progressing onto actually playing songs after learning a fair few chords, it's the hardest instrument I've played, but that adds a kind of funNESS to it

So I'll be hanging around here for a while.

So just to finish off.

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Welcome dude ^^

After playing for a while you'll notice it's one of the most versatile instruments there is . Its really fun to play, but when it gets harder dont just give up but keep trying and practice a bit everyday and you'll be fine
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Hey, welcome to UG!
However there is a thread at the top to introduce yourself/ say hi etc.
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When it gets too hard, I just move onto something else, try something totally different.

And then go back to it later But I think, it's what makes me want to play it, the fact that I will NOT let it beat me