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Are Pinch Harmonics only done on amps or is there a way to tell if your are doing a Pinched Harmonic without an amp? Please Help
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you can do a pinch harmonic without an amp although you can rarely hear them.
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You should be able to hear it softly not through an amp...
If you're doing it right you can do it on an acoustic guitar aswel.
It just sounds a lot better and rings more through amps (Especially with distortion)
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Wrong forum, I'll help you out, though. Pinched harmonics are possible w/o an amp, but there is no squeal, so pretty much you need one or there isn't a point.
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^I wouldn't totally agree with that. Pinch harmonics are usually done on recordings with lots of gain, so that's the way people are used to hearing them. I, for one, think that they also sound good other ways, i.e., unplugged and acoustic.
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Once you start being able to do them with distortion, practice them with less, then no distortion, then completely unplugged.

It'll help you do them better with distortion if you can do them without.
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