I keep coming to the reviews to check out cds and other things before i buy, and i'm so sick of everyone giving particularly cd's ridiculous reviews.....

Example....Audioslaves new album, compared to their previous its average stuff, a 7 at best. but according to UG reviewers its the best album ever made.

Cant people just made levelheaded reviews, you cant give a cd 10 outof 10 for everything!! Surely it must be the greatest cd of all time!?!?! Oh wait, no its not.

Damn annoying.
The reviews don't cover every single person's opinions. It tells you what the writer thinks about it.
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Typically diehard fans make the reviews and diehard fans love everything about their band. Read the comment section under the reviews, sometimes you get better nonpartisan information there then you do in the actual review.
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and it's also makes sense to check what other people rated the album ... it's at the right side from the album cover.
pretty much all of the reviews are are from people who just got home from guitar center or something and played their gear for 5 minutes then wrote a "review" of how awesome it is.
Well, you are obviously missing a bit of the point. A review is someone's opinion. Frankly, I thought Revelations was the best Audioslave album.

But I agree about the gear reviews. Very few of them are truly comprehensive, and gear quality is something that (for the most part) can be judged.
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