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It was pretty good. It got repetitive, but then the drums and strings came in and made it a little better. It was way too short though. But, other than that it was a decent peice.

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Liked it. Make the chord changes happen a little quicker maybe to keep it interesting. Keep building on it and i expect it will become a beautiful piece.
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i honestly didnt like it, the chords were nice, but the rhythm was boring, and the second piano didnt feel right, the drums too seems awkward. it could be a really really cool song but i dont think u tried all that hard

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I'm afraid I don't really understand. Each chord is played in the length of one and a half whole notes (three halves in one) - should I shorten them to two halves, to make each section one whole note?

The reason I wanted them longer was because I've been studying Progressive Rock theory - and want to experiment with odd time signatures. I guess this doesn't quite fly, then!

Spark 1284 - The second piano - could you elaborate on this? I've coupled a simple arpeggio with this finger style before in a dual-guitar thing, and it never did present any problems for me. Perhaps it's just a matter of taste? Also, I agree the drums were pretty bad. This is the first time I've tried using them, and I am NOT a drummer!
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Don't tell me that's it. I loved it. Really cool. From there, I guess I see that going into a heavy 4/4 beat (even though you can't make it very heavy with PowerTab drums) for a few bars with the distorted guitar and synth (a la "Living Dead Beat" by Children of Bodom), and then back to a piano idea. I don't know how I would work that, though.

Bottom line: don't quit here. I think you've got something, and I'd love to see how this one turns out. I'd like you to crit my newest one, but give me a minute to work it into my sig.