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I think their old stuff was much better....Chris Walla's producing the next
I only like Walking with a Ghost and the First from what I've heard. But I've only heard a few songs.
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Ecky thump!
I've been meaning to get something by them, the stuff I've heard (which is very limited) I have liked...
Walla's producing?!?!? Whatev. They sound good. Haven't heard much of em, though.
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They are lesbians and they are hot... yet I'm utterly uninterested.

BTW, isn't this a statement thread. Is there a point to this thread? I don't know who Chris Wallalalalla is.
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yeah i really like their stuff too, is their new one called so jelous? I only have a couple random songs from them, will get their albums one day. Have you heard them doing the cover of dancing in the dark..springsteen. I really enjoyed how they did it.
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I've always thought their voices lacked any emotion whatsoever.. but they sure are catchy!

Lawlz, big bump.

So the new album is just like.........awesome.

Much props to Walla on the production and McGer for drums and Matt effing Sharp for bass and Hunter from afi too lolz.

Seriously though, The Con, good stuff.
I actually like this band now.
Not just simply 'dig' as I once did.

Tegan and Sara are the best band ever. My favourite. The Con is awesome. I do like their old stuff better however their new stuff is pretty darn awesome.
Screw it, I'm bumping this thread. I didn't really like them until So Jealous, and then I was moderately interested for a while. Then I saw the review for The Con on the front page here on UG. It's been out for a month, and they've started touring, ect. Oh, and Chris Walla is the, I think, bassist from death cab for cutie, and then AFI's bassist is on the album.

Basically, if I don't get Hop a Plane out of my head I'm going to go crazy
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i haven't got around to listening to the new album, but i heard one song from it on the radio yesterday and i wasn't impressed
"Back In Your Head" is the catchiest song of 2007.

Now, I know the year is still young, but I seriously doubt anything could possibly surpass the infectiousness of that track.
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That twosome is like some kind of 4 legged, 4 eyed heart melting, hit machine. If i could, I'd sign Tegan to a 3 picture movie deal....right now; they're gonna be huge, I think, and they're so goddamn adorable I almost can't stand it.
I personally am in love with The Con. Although I do like If It Was You the most, The Con comes in a close second.
the con is going to blow up. theyll be huge.
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the con is going to blow up. theyll be huge.

I know, and it's terrifying. They just shot another music video for the title track, there are screen captures from it on their website. Seems alot...darker, I guess.
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I haven't gotten to listen to The Con fully as an album, but i like what i've heard so far. Sounds like an awesome album.
The more I listen to the Con, the more I like it! Anyone gone to their shows yet? I've got my ticket for next week.
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I bought "The Con" on Friday on a whim and I really like it! I download So Jealous and it's a pretty good album too, but I think The Con is better.

Wouldn't mind seeing them live.
Just thought I had to bump this, they make such great music. To me any ways, and they also have awesome banter in between songs. They are also really nice people, I got the chance to meet them before. Well, if you haven't heard about them, check out them here: Tegan and Sara

They are recording a new album really soon also.

I also had the chance to interview Tegan, and that's located here: Interview with Tegan
Despite only owning The Con myself I think it's likely to be their best.

Them, McGerr, Walla and Sharp all at once? Plus the fact there isn't a weak song, and Nineteen has one of the best drum fills I've ever heard ...

Yeah, a compact discus of win right there.

wow, i don't know why there are so few posting here. tegan and sara are awesome. they have a really... different sound, but it grows on you. if you ever hear their acoustic performances, they're even better: the con (title track) was immediately a favorite
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I'm basically completely and totally addicted to "Are You Ten Years Ago".

The Con is so damned amazing.
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"Are you ten years ago" is indeed great. By far my favourite T+S song.
Thanks for bumping this thread, reminded me I must learn Back Into Your Head on piano :p
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No problem.

I need to hear the rest of their material.
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I'm still trying to figure out who laid out the neighborhood they're talking about in 'Livingroom.' I wouldn't want somebody across the street to be looking in my bathroom through their window.

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they're wierd....and lesbian

This makes them awesome.

i feel the same way about them with weezer. I love them even though its not something you would normally catch me listening to.
Nick Reinheart from Tera Melos Mentioned them in an interview so i checked 'em out and was hooked.
The Con is great.
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Time for a bump, perhaps? I really like their new album. A bit different from their others, but very enjoyable.
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