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I made this song a while back, pretty heavily influenced by Jambi by Tool.
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well theres really nothing blatantly wrong with it. but i REALLY dont like how the guitar part does one note over and over for 66 whole measures... that killed it for me.

if you feel like it, you can crit mine here
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mmm ok then, i was just experimenting with rhythms and letting the bass shine a bit, but thanks.
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it sounded kinda like H. in the middle.
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I liked the rhythem very much.

Cant say i liked the bass solo that much, exept from bar 20, 24, 28, 32.
The rest of it was kinda strange.

The synth is very good when it comes in, but its to repetitiv after the break.
also i think its too loud, it drowns the rest of the instruments.

The drums are realy cool and fits good.

Some of those natural harmonies at the does not fit.