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i'm not engilsh speaker.

[verse 1+2]
Oh god help me
escape this reality thats holding me
as a tight blade to my neck
and the mean man goes to heck
stepping back

human kind is just another word to chaos
will to live and happiness
will never be the same
without you babe

step back, watch the light,
the thunder, frigthen night
just waiting for you
for you.

count the nights
and the days
the misery
without you
uh babe

[verse 3]
step, step, step,
the time is now
to step forward
through weakness
toward happiness
for you

didn't finished yet.
oh, by the way, i'm from israel
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this is the contest forum, you should delete this and post it in the actual songwriting forum.

and does uh mean the same thing in israel as it does in the united states?