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Was suggested here from a mustang forum.

Been playing sinse i was about 14 and iam currently 20. First guitar was a Fender Strat Mexican standard. second guitar was an Ibanez RG7 (1 year after i played)

Newest guitar i got a year which was a Martin D-15 custom in Magohany.

i more play in a style where i can actually sing and play at the same time.. iam more performance then actual skill.. i love playing infront of people i love playing easy songs where i can just easily sing to or anyone can easily sing along with... I guess i never bothered to learn scales and i don't really care too.. maybe when i get older and i have losted my voice i'll start to learn some scales.

I basicaly came here to find out someone that can maybe tab out a song i have a video of... I guess i'll save that questino for another section of the forum.
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please to meat you.

a load of people on here are 13 year old ****s so ignore them.
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Howdy man, enjoy your stay and read all the rules if you want to live!
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Welcome to Hockeytown.
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Welcome to the world where everybody understands you! Check out the rules and FAQS, and have a good time.



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to dobzilla

kick-ass user name
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I congratulate you good sir on being EPIC.