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okay, i'm getting confused here:

some tabbers add on their tabs the phrase "this is from a guitar world magazine, so its 100% correct" or some stuff like that, BUT (of course you must post highly accurate tabs):

i read on the "submit your tab" - "Please do not send us copyrighted material or tabs from official tab books"

what do you think? or is Guitar World Magazine not an official tab book?
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well actually in many GW issues I have the tabs are very inaccurate so don't just assume it 100% just because it's from a magazone
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That goes for tabs in general. A majority of tabs you find on the internet are wrong. They may help you figure out a riff, but you have to use your own judgement as well.

Keep in mind most internet tabs are not done by professionals.
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many tab books are rediculously wrong
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