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hey. I'v been playin guitar for about 1 & a half years and i'v just started to write some music.

Could anyone give me some tips on writin lyrics for my music.
Black Penny
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Get a rhyming dictionary and tell it like it is. Write what you dream about or think about. Start out with a couple of chords and hum a melody then try to write some lyrics over the melody.. You really need 3 parts to a song the hook (chorus) the line (verse) and the sinker (bridge).. The hook is the most important part as people who listen, and sing to, usually sing the chorus. Then you need verse (line) to get you to the next chorus. The verse in a lot of songs has the catchy riff. Then the bridge (sinker) ,maybe a lead break or any other instrument solo/melody line usually resolving into the chorus.. Try not to use too many chords at first, concentrate on melody. Don't worry too much about your lyrics coz if the melody is good nobody gives a hoot about the lyrics... Good luck
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