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I honestly dont know how this happened.. the original save was "jazzy", but it was a slow, completely different song. You'll see i messed around w ith the time signatures alot because i'm OCD about Having the score checker perfect.

ANyway, this song consists of 4 riffs, and they don't really go together. I spent the last 2 hours trying to put them together, but it didnt work.

I was going for a jazzy thing, now i'm going for... something else.

I dont think this has a genre, but i was listening to some final fantasy music before i made it... anywya my fingers are freezing off in this garage...

Please crit i worked for like 4 hours
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final fantasy seems to have inspirational qualities i guess lol because ive seen lots of threads that start from playing final fantasy.

anyway, i liked the time signature changes and the harmonys. i definitely think you should expand though as this was only like 30 seconds or so. not complete so i give 7/10

if you want to crit mine its in the bottom my sig.
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It was pretty cool. Had a cool little Final Fantasy feel to it. I really see some potential in this if you expand and make it longer. Only thing that bugged me was the PTAB layout. But, that doesn't affect the song, so let me shut up.

But, if you get the chance, could you crit one of mine?
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that was very intricate

i liked how the rhythm was changing chords so frequently thats pretty sick. You should have a crazy solo somewhere in there too when ur done with it

the only thing i would do is take out that fast lick at the beginning, i dont think it fits

otherwise good job!

here is a link to my song