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Hey guys, been playing guitar for about 1.5 years now and have never really been into learning theory until last few weeks or so, so basically i set about trying to create something in the penatonic minor scale in the key of g, my guitar is tuned in d when playing,
so far it only contains the intro and the start of the first verse.

Even though ive only listened to one or 2 songs of iron maiden, i have a feeling this may be somewhat similair?

thanks for listening i will crit back.

oh and if your interested i recorded the first riff yesterday before i had done the other bits of the song, and u can hear it at
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I liked the "Spin Me Like A Record" ending...

Seems alright, just needs work.
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I was going to say this was REPETITIVE! ...But then I noticed that my player was on repeat.

I expect more to come from this! A solo, a bridge, a chorus, etc. It's good; but just a teaser!
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HA! it does, the ending does sound like you spin me right round...... im really up in the air weather thats a good thing or not.

I like the first part of the intro, but im not sure weather it fits in with the mood of the song, its a little too happy. but ill get a few more riffs done and post up song, thanks for listening.