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Iris - Red
1 17%
Memoria - Blue
5 83%
Voters: 6.
The Hurt Within
Preserving the name...
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"The Iris of Time"

Precipitation drips from maple leaves
Drowning out my thoughts, leaving
Certain uncertainties…

You’re coming off like a lucid dream
Fading away like October’s leaves
A static pacemaker left to wilt amidst
The iris of time

The iris of time
The iris of time
The iris of time
The iris of time

Staring into the eyes of the abstract
Failing to notice, the palette has turned dry,
Bending light

You seem as but a clouded theme
Fading away like November’s leaves
A pacemaker ticking to the rhythm of
The dirge of a life

Dirge of a life
Dirge of a life
Dirge of a life
Dirge of a life

Memoria Technica

Downcast my crest fallen foot
shadows a pedestal against the street,
introducing the sky to the cement;
"Grey meet grey..."
In a monotone moment
that'll outlive their curators.
And with the death of a soul,
bound by a spine,
these featureless pages turn blanks -
neglecting to mention anything more
than defining the magnitude of separation;
between these two strangers' tryst,
between four metronome feet.
"Mouth part mouth..."
In a monosyllabic moment,
that'll speak volumes to us all,
except those within the confines of this Earth.
Filth, pure filth... That's what you are.
Rumah Sakit
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Damn, I really don't feel like these match up very well, so I think I'm going to hold my vote.