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how many of you actually like yngwie malmsteen? i've heard lots of mixed comments about him and i personally like him........ i don't worship him or anything but i think hes a damn good guitarist
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I love him. And Met him, he isnt as arrogant as people say he is. In fact he isnt arrogant at all. His wife is more arrogant than he is. But shes hot. And yeah he is good but his blues impersonations suck, after a few moments he switches back to his standard 3 notes per string schtick. Also, he isnt exactly the fastest or most technical as he was back in the day, what with sweep taps and crap now.
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i think his pretty great
the whole classical influence is awesome, but his songs have a good riff right and then for liek 2-3 minutes its pointless shredding.
Like in far beyond the sun, its beginning up to like the 2nd minute is good, then after the pointless shred it goes good again, he has some good riffs..
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I love him. He's one of my favorite players. Rising Force is probaly my favorite album as well.
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He has no emotion, he's fat arrogant bastard and rips off classical composerts. Oh yeah, and he likes donuts too.
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I don't like. I find his music impressive yes, but not enjoyable. To each his own.
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I like him but not as a musician or a guy. He plays really well and has some great work with all the classical jizz, but unlike Joe Satriani or Steve Vai he has no emotion in the songs and his stuff can sounds very simarlar to itself a lot
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Quote by Punk_Ninja
but unlike Joe Satriani or Steve Vai he has no emotion in the songs

Yeah, that's exactly what I'm talking about. Bloody wanker!
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Quote by Punk_Ninja
I like him but not as a musician or a guy.

The what DO you like about him?
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In this thread, we act like people with bad grammar, and talk about how Yngwie is fat, arrogant, shreds to much, and has no emotion. GO!
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The emotionless fat man strikes again.
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