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Wow guys, i've been away from UG for like two years now, but i thought i'd return with a new account and get back into things.

This is just a new song i've layed down in GP5, i haven't posted the actual GP5 file, just the exported Midi, i'm funny about this sort of thing.

Criticism would be great guys, crit for a crit.
Lloyd Roberts - New Song.zip
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wow i really like that...i think its really cool....if you ever record it pm me and send me it...sounds great
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Thanks man. It will be recorded eventually, with the whole band though obviously.

I just noticed a mistake (tiny, tiny one), so i should re-upload this soon because it's annoying having it there.

Any more comments peeps?
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wow, impressive, I can guess you are a BFMV fan...
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Diam dude that was ****ing great.
There wasnt a single thing i didnt like about this song.

I was just wondering, how long have you been playing?

Couse the composition was just so good, and the harmonys was the best.

Crit my songs please. (in sig)
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I've been playing six years now, and thanks alot man! I think i'll start working on something new tonight, so i should have that done in about a week.

Guitar harmonies are just something i love, if you're going to use two guitars, use them well, that's what i say.

...i'll crit your stuff now man.
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Thanks for the positives guys, i've just updated the first post and got rid of those mistakes i was on about, pretty much exactly how i want it now.
Just uh, one more thing..
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this is pretty awesome man!
nice piece of work!
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intro rules, im in the process of tryin to write something along these lines i wrote something last week which is alright but not what i usually go for if you could have a look. now that breakdown is sweet as ,... and the solo is short and fits perfectly into the song but that main riff is where its at, exactly the type of music i listen to, get the recorded version up soon man.