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Was working on this the last few days and I just kept putting ideas on as they came and changing things I didn't like as I went on, and this is pretty much what came out. Thanks for looking at it. I'm not quite sure what genre it is - some death, thrash and prog.
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Whoa. That was awesome.. Chaotic in a good way, and just awesome. Great job.
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that's really awesome work. the only complaint i have that it's maybe a bit too fast and diverse in the sense that i sometimes couldnt really grasp what was being played
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a little cluttered in some places, i think the guitars were playing together too much on the lower notes, if one of them jumped up an octave i think it would sound cleaner, really awesome tho, i love the intro id love to see it used later in the song, and a couple riffs maybe have been a little too blues based for death metal

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Thanks for the responses - some of them covered the things I worried a little about. I've thought that there could be lead guitar in the parts that are rhythm dominated now and that I should have removed some riffs and try to put in something a little more fitting, but then it starts sounding more cluttered.

Also, this was sort of a drum/rhythm experiment.

The things I'm concerned about but not really sure on what to change about it:
-Bar 4 & 9 as transition riffs, I think they could be changed + the absence of a second guitar in those
-Bars 10-12 being strange/cluttered
-Bar 13/14 not fitting in and considering it's the chorus, that's important + maybe that it's too short and no variation.
-Absence of Lead in Bars 21/22
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