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song vs song

Verse 1:
I've sunk into sorows sea
How did this happen to me
She pushed me out to the deep
with secrets she couldn't keep
a net made of heartaches ropes
they make her my only hope

Im drowning in the waters of pain
trapped in a net of heartache
salt in my wounds will drive me insane
its more than I can take

chorus 2:
And you might be the knife that I need
to cut heataches ropes apart
then I can finally be set free
please save my drowning heart

Verse 2
Save me from the grip of death
How long can I hold my breath
I’ll burn this net with loves flames
to waste life here would be a shame
water raises with my tears
lonliness heightens these fears

Verse 3
The water here is so cold
new love will replace the old
swim out and drag me to shore
save me from this oceans floor
now I can see the sunshine
I’ve survived my darkest time

verse 2
chorus 1
chorus 2
verse 3
chorus 1
chorus 2

Hush little child
We have seen the end
Hush little child
We can't pretend
Hush little child
Stop being afraid
Hush little child
Our future's been made

I know
I’ve been
Too indecisive
But things don’t matter
When you’re dying
Comes next
We will know
What it is
We can’t show

The world will end now
So take your last breathe
The world will end now
Stay in your nest
The world will end now
They’ve shot the gun
The world will end now
But we can’t run





They launched them
It’s over
It’s over

Our time has come
It’s over
It’s over

All is gone

But we’re still here
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Hmm while blue became slightly cliche in places, I found red too repetative. So Blue.
Filth, pure filth... That's what you are.