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Now that i got ur attenion. (i know it was cheap) few questions regarding capos'

guitar - standard tuning without a capo- what key is it w/o a capo on it. i relize as a guitar player i should know this.

secondly when u do apply the capo to any fret on the guitar what key are you changin it into. I.E. capo 1st fret what key are you in now. and so on with 2nd fret , 3rd fret, etc.

also i am considering learning the harmonica. what key should i buy it in. whats the easiest key to sing in for the average vocalist.
thanks for any replies.
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Wha? erm...A guitar without a capo is standard tuning so EADGBE...

If you put it on the third fret the notes change (the Capo acts as the top of the guitar) so the string after the capo becomes Fret 1 etc. ...but the notes change so, at third fret the notes if u strum without a chord are GCFA#DG.

Also, its not really the key its the tuning. you just raise the notes a semitone(i think)
so like @ the first fret its gona be
F A# D# G# C F

and so on.

and harmonica uh, why would the key matter its gona be the same difficulty on any key lol.
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Being in standard tuning does not automatically imply a certain key.

The key you're playing in depends on the song/notes/chords.

Therefore, when you add a capo, the key changes.

Now, I might be wrong on this part, but let's say you are playing in Emaj without a capo and you capo the first fret. I believe you would then be playing in Fmaj. So, basically, you just have to determine the steps from your current position


I tried my best, lol.