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This is mostly pop/rock in my opinion, but it moves through funk and metal or metalcore some in places. Crit4crit, as the title says, and any criticism is welcome.
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I thought it was really good. But, the only thing is that the tremelo picking you used doesn't fit. In any of the measures. And the clean guitar in measure 13 seemed to come out of nowhere. Try to add like, a measure or two between measure 12 and 13 so it flows better. Other than that, decent peice. 7/10

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Not my style of music, but that ending solo and the outro power chords sounded really good.. Not bad for what you were going for, I just don't like pop/rock.


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lol, nice tremolos there, the quite parts with the solo sounded like something in mario where he just rescued princess peach, but then it got chaotic so bowser came in and pwnd them all, i liked it though