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i've written a lot more than just this,
but this is the latest one that i've done.
it's not that original or anything. but. whatever.

I just want to sleep forever.

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they basically go to the bass rhythm in those parts.

I just want to sleep forever.

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Good stuff man, good stuff. Really catchy melodies. 8/10.

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Damn this is good. The interlude to me is killing for a solo though.
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It was alright compared to your other songs.

I really liked your other songs with the time signature changes, they were more chaotic and more melodic and less generic.

Not to say this was bad, but I don't this song really shows your style.

But I don't really know who you are in real life so who am I to tell you what your style is.
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that interlude was incredible and there definitly needs to be a solo coming out of that sucker!
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Ooo, I looovvve how you had melody notes played inside and a step above the notes of the powerchords, and I could actually hear them and they didn't sound ungodly dissonant. I salute for that. I also just really like this piece as a whole, great job. I have no criticisms so far....nope.. great job. 8.5/10

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No offense, but I didn't really like it. It was catchy, yeah, but didn't hold my attention.

First thing, a song like this doesn't need to be played in a drop tuning. Most of it is just strumming power chords (Along with the harmonies added in between).

The interlude was good, but as someone else said, a solo would pick this song up a lot, and my suggestion is you put it after the interlude. The interlude in my opinion is the only great thing in the song because it gives a building up feeling, like the song is going somewhere, but then it ends and it doesn't go where it sort of felt like it was going. Not to sound cheesy, but it tricked me, and not in a good way.

The outro should be the most powerful part of the song. Not necessarily loud, but powerful. Give it more of a finish feeling. Again, like I said with the interlude, you start low and then build up. Add more contrast to it.
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Kinda generic (it's already been done several times in metalcore), but that aside it's a pretty well written piece. Not a huge fan of the intro, but after that, the riffing is pretty good. And I agree with Deth that after the interlude is the perfect time for a solo. Adding a guitar solo will really bring this songs impact up. Atm I'd give is a 6.5/10 (but with a solo it should improve).

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I liked it, but it gets quite repetitive. Have the interlude repeat twice instead of 4x and write a solo, that's my advice.

And the last two measures (or maybe just the last one) sounded bad. It's like you just cut the song off.