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This is something I wrote today.. first time I've tried writing anything for piano, as well as writing anything for violin (simple as the violin part is..) Any advice on these two parts in general would be greatly appreciated.

Its not finished or refined yet, I did this today in a few hours.. general thoughts/ideas/criticism welcome
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The chord in measures 2 and 6 are too dissonant imo

You have a lot of clashing notes in your harmonies.

The rest of it is awesome. Please finish it :3

The part that starts at measures 12 sounded off, thats my only complaint
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could you be more specific when you say "You have a lot of clashing notes in your harmonies" not exactly sure where you are talking about :P

ya I'm not too sure about the intro part.. is the transition to it just bad, or the piano part itself doesn't sound good?
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Measure 13 doesn't sound right. I dunno if you meant to do it or not, but the 3rd eighth note threw me off for a second.

Sounds like a good start. Add more melody to it. Not saying add a solo, but let each instrument shine in it's own light for a couple bars. This sounds like a good instrumental, and a good melody will pull it together. And (just suggestions) for the outro, maybe have it fade out over a series of measures. And in the beginning, maybe have it fade in over the first 4 or 5 measures.

Keep it up.

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I dunno. I wasn't too sure about the intro. Those chords are kinda weird. Measure 9 and 10 sound weird, because when you have the piano play 7 on the G string it sounds weird because before that you have a 3 on the B string. Which is the same note. So that makes it sound kinda awkward. And alot of your harmonies throughout the song seem to clash with each other. Try making it so they're less dissonant. Because this isn't a peice that would be based on dissonance. Other than that it's a good song and I think this could have some potential. Overall decent peice. 6.5/10.

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thanks fellas

i'll be back with an updated version soon