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So I was home for the weekend and my dad gave me an acoustic guitar,
couse they have another one there.

So today I satt down with the thing and came up with this.

The Bass and the Rhythm guitar just repeats itself over and over again.
I was just playin with some scales and stuff over it.

Also I've made some drums to this one, just to make some variation to the song.
And just so you know. I aint no drummer.

Hope you like it, please crit.
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I thought it was pretty dang good. Has a very melodic, yet haunting sound to it. Really good. I didn't hear anything I didn't like. Even the drums were decent, considering you're not a drummer. I think you should expand on this. Because I can see this becoming an excellent peice. Seriously. 9/10

Crit one of mine if you have the chance? Links are in sig.
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Thanks man.

Yeah i usaly dont expand my songs even if i want to witch is very sad some times.
Becouse when i try to make a new riff, and it dont fit, i just make a new song out of it and get busy with that for a while.
But if people like this piece, maybee ill try to make some new riffs'n stuff to it.
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yeah that is pretty dang good! although i'd never be able to play measures 31-32.... the lead, rhythm, and bass all sound good, but i didnt really like the drums. gp probably just f-ed em up though.

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You're right. You're not a drummer. Haha.

Actually, the drumming wasn't too bad, until the end. The tom rolls sort of throw the sort of gentle vibe the song has. But over all, the beat was good. so was everything else. Maybe add more variation in the rhythm and bass.
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dude, thats amazing. i love it 7/10. its really awesome, theres amazing lead guitar riffs on it and stuff.
by the way, i updated my metalcore riff, better pre-verse, and a verse now. thanks man, and good job
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wow man. that was really good. i loved the rhythm, great chord progressions. The lead was awesome too. I can't really say there was something i didn't like about it. good job man.
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Hm, I like this a lot... Drums could have been better. Lead guitar was awesome... Not really much else I can say. 8/10.