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I had been looking for a multi track program for a while, and then, suddenly i found it.
Cakewalk - Guitar Tracks Pro 3.0

I then made some crapy shit witch was totaly out of timing, while I was strugeling
to find new drivers for my sound card since the program didnt work like it should.

When everything was up and running i made this tune.

Since its my first recorded song it sounds very sloppy and choped in WAV,
so I'll give you the GP5 and the MIDI file for it.

Hope you like it. Crits would be great.
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The leads were really good. But, they clash with the backing guitars at parts. Not like, unbareably, but it could just sound better. But, still a decent peice nonetheless. 7/10.

Crit one of mine if you get a chance? Links in sig.
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