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Yeah. Kinda new here.

Just got a guitar a few weeks ago from my dad.

An acoustic yamaha where the strings are about to break.

And I need a decent modern rock song for the beginer, or even just a good riff, to show my dad I am making some progress cause if I dont, I have to give the guitar back.

Soooooo yeah. Please.
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try an AC/DC song. I know its on an acoustic, but their songs are so easy to play. Give it a shot. Try Back In Black.
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Well your dads an a$$hole
but try
hear you me - Jimmy eat world
it is pretty simple and just go to the chords one I advise cos it is wasier than the other one.

Kniowing how to play songs does not make you a musician it makes you a guitarist knowing about what you are playing makes you a musician. Tell that to your Auld fella.