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what are some good racer x songs, i got street lethal, thats a ****ing awesome one
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technical difficulties, they take the solo from comfortably numb by pink floyd and soup it up like only paul gilbert could do
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Scarified, Viking Kong, and YRO (Yngwie Rip Off) are good for guitar, and their cover of the Blue Oyster Cult's Godzilla is awesome.
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Try, That Hormone Thing, Snakebite, Get Away, and Fire Of Rock. And basically everything that has already been said.
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i mostly like the instrumetal such as

Technical difficulties

but also some non instrumentals such as

Children of the Grave (sabbath cover)

are my favs.
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YRO,Godzilla,Superhereos,Snakebite,Frenzy and B.R.O
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Get the Technical Difficulties album. It ROCKS!!
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the majority of their work is ****in' awesome imo

I really love Street Lethal & Technical Difficulties; those albums are just unbelievable
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Racer X is my all-time favorite band. I guarantee you will not regret getting into them!

Fire of Rock, Snakebite, Bolt in my Heart, Excutioner's Song, Waiting, 17th Moon, God of the Sun, Superheros, Dead Man's Shoes, Let the Spirit Fly, Viking Kong, Scarafied, Frenzy, Heart of a Lion, YRO

And cover songs of Children of the Grave and Godzilla.

And yes, "Street Lethal" does kick ass!