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whats 3b4h3...

how do i goto 3 then bend 4 what does it mean by beinding then what does it mean by going to 3 then holding 4 .. i know the terms but what do you mean by bend ? does hold mean you play 3 and then hold 4 until the sound stops?
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h means hammer-on not hold
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oh ok thanks but that still doesnt help me i just got my guitar like 6 days ago
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what it means is, play 3, the third fret, then bend the note sideways until it makes the same sounds as the fourth fret.
all you have to know is what the fourth fret sounds like, and you can do it easily.
if this isn't conclusive enough, im sure someone else knows better than i, hope i have helped.
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what do u mean bend the string sideways?? arent u bending it when ur picking the guitar
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yeah, you're actually going to bend the string on the fretboard so it exaggeratedly looks like


instead of a straight string like:

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Pull the string towards the floor and the pitch will raise. Stop bending when it sounds just like the forth fret and hold it there. Practice this often, bending in tune is an essential technique. Check the 4th fret and hold the sound of it in your mind, then bend the 3rd until you hear that note again.
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oh ok thanks dalilama...

how do u hammer-on?
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Hammering on is a little easier. Play the third fret with your left hand index finger, then with some force put your second finger down onto the fourth fret without picking it. Only pick the third fret, the pressure of your second finger coming down will keep the string vibrating.