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Hi, this is a new Acoustic song i wrote. hope you like it
Crits al welcomed, I'll do crit4crit too.

Scroll Down to the 6th post for the Final Version. Thanks
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That was really good. Had a nice relaxing melody to it. I'd really like to see more of this.

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The part after the intro sounds like what'd be the theme song of a soap opera :p But it's still pretty good, nothing big that's wrong with it, but the change in the middle of the 7th bar sounded kinda awkward IMO. Can't wait to see the finished version

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nothing seems to repeat itself so its hard to fall into it i think, it shouldnt be the same thing over and over or anything but it think it should have some sort of direction, sumthing to follow,the progressions feel a little random. regardless it sounds just spectacular and other than arrangement i wouldnt change a thing

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I certainly enjoyed the chilled out feel of it, and the little variations are pretty good. But some of the middle part sounds a bit samey for the most part. After that on the come down is really good, but it's a killer to play fiddely as hell! I just picked up the acoustic and thought "Where to I begin?" lol

Good stuff =]
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Twas pretty good. Whoever said it sounds like a soap opera after the first part is kinda right. it sounds like a boyz to men backing, honestly haha. Anyways, it's pretty chill. You should try and clean it up a lil bit rhythm wise, cuz right now it's damned impossible to keep time. decent work though.

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That was amazing, and sure its kinda hard to play, maybe you could do a bass do the low parts or another acoustic...
The riffs were amazing, and I liked how you made long pauses and then continued the song.
The melody got a little repetitive in the middle of it (as said before), so I guess if you put a bass or drums or even vocals, it should be a kickass instrumental/song.
The idea and riffs are great, I think you should mark more rythm, and maybe something else with the harmony and such and it should be ready for being in the shelves

(btw, some of those slides sounded weird too, but nothing wrong apart from that)

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First off, before anything else, you need to work on your tabbing skills a bit. Ptab is dumb and whenever the end of a measure doesn't end of a beat it slows down and delays the next note a bit, which bugs me to no end. Anyway on to the music.
Good stuff there, i liked a lot of the rhythems and melodies. It looks like a challenge to play (no acoustic with me right now or else i'd be playing it). I would work on changing the double dotted notes into something else because they just aren't practical to use. I attempted when i started out tabbing but found out its better to just have a tie on the notes. But i liked it dude. I'd work on making a song out of it, unless its just instrumental, in which case i'd repeat some stuff and make it longer because i wanted to hear more.'
So yea, good stuff.