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Ok, i was reading about randy rhoads when i came over some of the scales he used.

And i found this pretty evil one. Original (A Diminished Arpegio: A C Eb F#) but i tuned down 2 steps so i dont know what its called then.

I playd a little in it and found the intro and verse.

The song is not in any spesific scale.

Also it does not have a drum track, which probebly brings it a little down.

And when i was done with it i thougth it was kinda crap, but i dont realy know.

What do you think? crits would be nice
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Wow Mario from nintendo is back!!! watch out it's koopa!!!
well... i dindt like it mostly cause of the efects you got into it.
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No i cant play the whole thing yet.
I have only been playing for 2 years and owned a guitar in 1,5.
so i find the interlude to be pretty hard.
But i am trying and practicing.

And as i said, the intro is playd in the A Diminished Arpegio: A C Eb F# scale exept that i have tuned it down 2 steps so i dont know the name of the scale.
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I didn't really like the intro and pre-verse. Just sounded weird to me. I think the verse is pretty good, but still has that "ehh" feeling to it. The chorus has the heavy, evil feeling Randy Rhoads is known for. The solo was kick ass. Sounds very very Rhoads. I don't really like the outro, but it works. Overall, it's a good song if you like that kind of metal-progressive-something else, but I don't. The solo was nuts, and Randy Rhoads rocks (Ozzy and Quiet Riot, may his soul rest in peace). 7/10. Crit mine?
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Wait, people write music on GP5 that they can't play.....? I'm a newb.. I didn't think people would do that.
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this was pretty ****ing good, but i'd work on it a little more because some parts sounds kinda iffy, but overall: nice!