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Ok, I'm 17 and would like to teach myself to play electric guitar, few questions - any answers are really appreciated.

Do you think it would be possible?
Is it electric guitar an OK one to start with?
Should I get a full sized or 3/4 guitar?

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start if you want, by a real cheap one just to see whether you are serious or not, if not no big loss. Get a full size one unless you're a midget.
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they say you should learn on acoustic guitar but if your just wanting to learn and play a few tunes then i dont see y not start on an electric i say but a full size starter pack which will come with strings and amp aswell as the gitar or u could get an alright guitar second hand for the same price it really depends on what your looking for
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squier and ibanez have starter packs that have an electric guitar, amp, and basically everything you need to get started with an electric guitar.
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1. Yes it is very possible. A good friend of mine taught himself guitar whereas I've always had lessons. He's very dedicated, practices a lot and when it comes to speed he rips me to pieces.

2. Electric guitars are, in my opinion, easier to learn on than acoustics. Almost everybody I know learnt the majority of their skills on an electric. If you like a lot of acoustic music and don't really want to play anything that needs an electric tone (most modern rock music, for example) then it may be a better idea to start with acoustic, but otherwise stick with an electric.

3. As mentioned above, don't get a 3/4 size guitar unless you have a medical reason; they don't sound as good, your choice is very limited and you'll quickly want a full size one. Generally regarded as a solid starter guitar, I would recommend a Yamaha Pacifica 012.

Hope that helps.
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a lot of people teach themselves, you can do it.
if you want an electric, get one.
full size for sure.

try the guitar & bass basics forum and electric guitar forum for further advice.
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