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This guy has alot of videos to watch. Most of his stuff is from early VH. He also has a DVD that shows how to play like Eddie, but also goes through his eqipment settings in detail. Check out cathedral #2---he plays cathedral on his DVD and it is even better. Man this guy has the tone---and it's comming from a peavey--who would have ever thought. ha ha ha. I saw this on some other guitar forums and everyone was very impressed. Thought you guys might like it too. This just goes to show if you play like eddie you will sound like eddie.

Check these out:
EVH Improvise


this is where you can watch all the videos:
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... Now let's see something that's not a boring EVH ripoff (which isn't even hard, tbh).

I'm not impressed.
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Just out of curiosity what are the delay settings for Cathedral?

Christ his Eruption is crap, I've seen loads better.
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Quote by Phreaky

Christ his Eruption is crap, I've seen loads better.

Sure dude. I think you meant "Christ Eruption is crap, I've heard loads better", he definitely nailed the song it all its shittiness.
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