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lo allz. been playing guitar for about....3....no 4 days ~_~
laugh it up, laugh it up. but i can play about 2 songs fairly well (not the soloes though)
well, what else.... oh yeah, i'm aiming to be first or second guitar.
well, as you've already noticed by now that i'm a complete noob i might as well say that i'm also left-handed :P

i was hoping for some tips, that do not include guitar lessons :P, like what guitar or amp to buy or what a good song is to play at first.....'specially what guitar to buy, i've been searching my @$$ of, but i can't find any left-handed guitar names. well one but it's too expensive :P

And btw, why do people call it left-handed when you do the shindig with the right hand? :P

hope to learn alot and surpass you all :P
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you are aiming to be first or second guitar????
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yeah, those exsist right?
ifnot, what have i been playing all this time :P

edit:..... i should read the faq.......--__--;
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