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Just started working on this a couple days ago, its just some ideas I have. Still not really sure where its going to end up. I just wanted some feedback on what i have so far. thanks.


I actually had this one finished for a while but i never posted it on here for some reason. The new zip is replaced in my first post. Thanks for the listen!
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it was good. i liked it. got a little repetive at times in the beginning. the guitar work was cool though.
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i really like it, if you can pull off that kinda sound live than you've got a great song on your hands, i think.
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Repetitive but a very catchy song I have to say, keep on working on it. Also bring out more of the track 1 guitar in the solo it works really well with the solo guitar.
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Like people say, its fairly repetative but very catchy, especially like the lead in bar 26 but it should be louder and the rhythm quieter IMO. Good lead work in bar 33 and beyond, especially the solo. Good outro too, finishes the song off nicely, although the last bar ends a little abruptly.

8/10, good work.

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