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ok this is a question about growing up with music,, how many of u who have a guitar out there, ever once played guitar with a broomstick earlier when the rockstar dream started to take off, and second question,, which guitar player was your first inspiration that made u wanna play guitar...just wondering..
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george harrison and the beatles.
first music i ever heard in my life and im proud of it
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so cliched but i dont care...Kurt Cobain, that guy was the F**cking S**t. Though i now listen to different music, hes was brought me to the guitar in the first place(still awesome though).
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i agree with the guy that said cobain made him start guitar, same for me- but my fav is Dimebag do i really need to say why
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Hendrix was the reason that I even started to even think about playing. I still dream about being able to play like him.
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Joe Perry from Aerosmith was my intro-to-guitar. Though my current favorite is Omar Rodregez Lopez(sp?) from The Mars Volta.
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Angus Young - Intro to guitar
Slash - Made me pick one up and was the reason for me playing.

Slash is my all time fav. But my list is huge to all the guitarist that I love. Just Slash will be #1 always.
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Not gonna lie, but Jack Black in School of Rock made me wanna learn to play hahahaha. David Gilmour though would have to be my favorite guitarist and the person I want to play like lol
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Eric Clapton. I'll go through phases where I don't listen to him much, or really get into another guitarist, but in the end, whenever I eventually return to him, I always say "He's still my favorite."
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I started to play guitar because of my grandfather playing. Then the day after I got my guitar I found Randy Rhoads.
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Jimi Hendrix made me want to play guitar. But now my favorite is a toss up between Randy Rhoads and Christopher Parkening. If you're into classical, this guy is the best.
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kurt cobain and james hetfield started me. and my fave is kirk hammet and randy rhoads.