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Heres a metal song i made...listen and shut up. crit 4 crit?!?!?!



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I didn't think it was that good. Alot of the riffs seem to boring, they have nothing to them. The guitar solo was fairly decent, but you need to put a rhythm behind it because it sounds pretty bland with just the solo playing. But, this could use alot of work. 5/10.

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Yeah you need some leads dude. and you could speed up the intro and add some notes too. And in the solo you have just put together lots of pieces that dont realy fit together.
Also add a bassline.
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Eh. Not "Sick Metal song".

Very very boring. I turned it off after 2 minutes and then listened to the solo. Couldnt stand that either.
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The riffs sounded awkward, a lot of the times the wrong notes were played and it was very repetitive/generic.. The intro to the solo was really bad, but bars 73-74 of the solo were really good IMO (the only part of the song I actually liked).. The riffing (and the rest of the solo) really needs work, tho.

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keep working on it

soo much n00bage
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