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u know what im talkin about, the sound that comes outta nowhere in many songs (e.g in the begining & end of eruption & also in the beginning of "flying in a blue dream" by joe satriani), i just dunno how to make that sound come outta nowhere like them folk do,
i tried to use the whammy bar but nothing works right, & i can't find anything on the net related to that technique,
can somebody help me out here, like how does that sound come out, what do i have to do with the guitar.
any kind of help will be highly appreciated. if there is any video clip demonstration for it then it would be a bomb!!
plz either reply the technique on this thread or email me on
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i just turn the volume to zero, play the note and then slowly turn the volume knob up, making the sound fade in.
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as the guy above said, just use your volume control and build it up.
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either use stoat_toast's method with the volume knob, or use a volume pedal. a lot of these effects are just done using the studio after effects though and never sound quite as good live.
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